Studio Midas


Showroom A Showstopper

We recently completed a mattress showroom on Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd. Which has caught the eye of every passer-by. Our aim truly was to create an ambiance such that the customer experiences new levels of sophistication. From telling the brand’s story to putting together head-turning displays and signage essentials, the devil reality is in the details.

The ‘Concept’ behind this showroom is a European sheet. With adequate use of fences, windows, and awnings the entire aura circles around the idea of how shoppers Street-Shop. With months of research done to achieve this and yet not take the attention off from the product (mattress), the minutest of details including interlocking the flooring has been used to serve the retailers with a visual delight.

So, get geared to turn your retail space into a ‘Showstopper’ with Studio Midas.

Studio Midas

3 Cheers To…. Us

We’ve spoken about concepts, contrasts, contours, colours, and many more of our creatives. Let’s for a change talk about our recent accomplishment.

On the 3rd March – Studio Midas was felicitated by Shri Shri RaviĀ  Shanker for our designs for the Art of Living ashram in Ronchi. The first to be built in the state of Jharkhand spread over a tar area of 3 acres….the proposal comprises a Meditation hall, Residential block, and a training center. It is a perfect balance of built and open spaces…of function and aesthetics….of form and utility.

Such milestones not only inspire us as a team to work harder but also to deliver work that satisfies and serves society!