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Studio Midas is a professionally managed Interior Design company in Noida NCR committed to EHNANCING the value of each SQFT of your built space Our innovative and custom designs reflect your personality, lifestyle and function.

For us design is a journey which begins with your dreams and ideas and culminates into An AESTHETIC and Highly FUNCTIONAL space that enhances the effectiveness of the function it hosts.

We have successfully completed a wide array of Projects ranging from Residences, Offices, Boutique Enterprises and Dine Inns. Through our SPACE PLANNING and DESIGNING we have increased the perceived value of spaces and infrastructure of the BUILT ENVIRONMENT, thus, ensuring a greater experience and value for money spent.

Each project follows a systematic designing and execution pattern which enhances the effectiveness of the function it hosts!


Corporate Social Responsibility

In this time of depleting natural resources, we believe LESS IS MORE..

We have broken the tradition of cluttering up a space with humongous panelling sand other adornments in the name of design

We strive to SKILL FULLY REUSE AND RECYCLE existing material (furniture etc) hence keeping a check on materials being used…Energy conservation in the environments that we create..ensuring spaces with optimal natural light and ventilation… channelizing the climatic conditions with the choice of surfaces and material used.

This OUT OF THE BOX approach has resulted in interiors that are VALUE FOR MONEY AND STUNNING..

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