Studio Midas

3 Cheers To…. Us

We’ve spoken about concepts, contrasts, contours, colours and many more of our creatives. Let’s for a change talk about our recent accomplishment.

On the 3rd March – Studio Midas was felicitated by Shri Shri Ravi¬† Shanker for our designs for the Art of Living ashram in Ronchi. The first to be built in the state of Jharkhand spread over tar area of 3 acres….the proposal comprises of a Meditation hall, Residential block and a training centre. It is a perfect balance of built and open spaces…of function and aesthetics….of form and utility.

Such milestones not only  inspire us as a team to work herder but also to deliver work that satisfies and serves the society!

Just About Walls

“I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They say because WS a beautiful animal There you go. I think my mother is attractive. but I have photographs of her.

WALLS – wherever-are nut Surfaces 10 a0 anything on Item. They accentuate a Space and Can turn basic layout IMO a work of art. Whether we ca. out a niche in the wall, or clad it., stone or do a mural, a textured paint wallpaper back lit panels… truly must give ere right character to the room.

So let’s discover the endless possibilities of wall surfaces in your offices, homes and commercials with Studio Midas and realize how You space talks a different language!